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In today’s economic scenario it is vital to plan a patent strategy and a systematic patent portfolio. By filing patent applications you are one step towards protecting your company’s investments in research and development. With a patent right for a product or idea you can restrict others from misusing them or can give license to use them with your prior permission.

For intellectual property patent or to patent a product in Israel, you can get in touch with patent agents at TOVAIP. We give you expert consultation and invention patent help to guard your company’s rights. Starting from filing your patent application in Israel, patent prosecution in Israel till its implementation, our patent agents will be there to offer you legal support and guidance. If you require invention patent services you can also get in touch with our professionals.

With our intellectual property services you can secure your ideas, inventions and products. Reasonable and competitive prices are charged by our company for patent related services in Israel. The patent agents can give you expert tips while you file a patent prosecution.

In Israel, applications for patents are filed through both national route and PCT or the international route. For filing a patent in Israel the applicant has to submit an address in Israel. Our intellectual property patent agents are experienced to offer legal representation before the law courts of Israel. They offer consultation for patent protection, enforcement of the rights and measures against its infringement.

TOVAIP patent agents have experience in offering intellectual property rights protection and maintenance for clients belonging to different professional fields and industries including communications, construction, data processing, manufacturing, security, transportation, biomedical, agriculture, aerospace and many more.

TOVAIP helps with foreign patent registration in Israel. We work in coordination with patent attorneys of the foreign clients to file a patent application at the Patent Office of Israel. Our patent agents are also apt at handling the disputes arising after filing a patent at the Patent Office. Our patent agents represent their clients in patent licensing and also offer legal advice for patent rights transfer.

Patent maintenance for clients is another important role of the patent agents. They help with patent renewals and other related assignments. They monitor the court proceedings related to its enforcement and protection on behalf of the applying clients.